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november 14th 2008
my big nontypical 4 point
october 17th 2008
gavin and great grandpa with gavins first blacktail

october 13 ,2008
gavins first deer

october 13th 2008
de's first deer

september 21,2008
gavins first pheasent

august 28th 2008
august 21 2008
june 19th 2008
june 14th 2008
bear #2 june 5th
bear #1  may 4th 2008
december 12th,2007
october 25th,2007
october 26th,2007
october 17th,2007
october 11,2007
august 3,2007
june 9th 2007
june 2nd, 2007
may 19th 2007
may 12, 2007
march 29 , 2007
march 22, 2007
valentines day  2007
january 31,2007
december 31,2006
december 1,2006
november 17 2006
october 17,2006
october 1,2006
september 22,2006
september 17,2006
september 17,2006
september 9,2006
september 4,2006
august 19,2006
july 27,2006
july 13,2006
july 08,2006
june 23,2006
june 22,2006
MAY 17 2006
april 27th

march 19
a few of our perch

march 16,2006
the picture doesn't do it justice

march 14,2006
unfortunately i was by myself.the rod is a 10'6" lamiglas,it's 46" from the butt to the first eye.the reel is an okuma fina size's 6"from rod seat to bottom of case.

fishing log 

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december, 12th,2007
went to one of my favorite s.w. washington rivers , man there is alot of wind damage down there, anyway i found a hole that had a slug of silvers in it, and they were willing biters,too bad i couldn't keep them hooked. i ended up hooking 9 and landing only 3. the good news is 2 of the 3 i landed were big, i kept 1 silver that was 37"x20" which weighed 21lbs, i threw back a 17lb silver and a 4lb king jack. all the fish were really brite and mean.{ that fish had been dead all day in the cooler but is was in good shape, the picture makes it look darker than it was} i lost a nice steelie about 12-14lbs too. if the rain ever quits i will go back down.

october 26th,2007
i took my dad and my uncle to the river today and it was really slow { i think i caught them all the day before  heeheehee} i let my uncle fish throught the money hole ahead of me and he didn't touch a thing, then i came through right behind him and whacked 2 in 5 casts..  nobody touched a fish after ,man i'm lucky or is it skill, lol

october 25th,2007
hit the river today and man was it good, i fished for about 1 hour and hooked 5 and landed 3,  2 steelies and 1 silver. one of the steelies was a donger, it was 35"x18".

october 17,2007
i passed up a nice big 2 point blacktail yesterday, it had a white muzzle and really heavy dark horns but they weren't too big. it had a massive body on it but i wanted something bigger. the rest of the night i was sad i passed on that buck, i'm not a trophy hunter, so the next day i ran into what i thought was him and whacked him, it wasn't it was just a little 2point with a heavy rack. 2 deer in a week, not bad for me. 

october 11,2007
i went to my uncles in idaho and whacked a white tail and some pheasents. great weekend! i shot my first 3 point  whitetail at 188yards right through the heart.

september 2007
sorry for not writing lately all i have been doing is catching kings at the lake with my boy, we landed over 80 kings in 2 weeks, not too bad. they love my magic eggs. the biggest king being 45"x29" i didn't weigh it but it was huge.

august 27th,2007
went to the o.p. with my son and there were 3 guys,2 throwing eggs and 1 throwing a black jig, i asked if we may fish the hole and they said sure. one of the egg tossers said there was a huge steelie that was finicky at the tailout and they had been harrassing him all day and he wouldn't bite, so gavin and i threw a black pimp shrimp { also called a "bat-man"} and on the first cast he grabbed it, he ended up being 34" long and a beauty of a fish. the 2 eggs guys were frustrated and left after i did that. then the jig guy comes down and said "that was amazing"  and asked what i was doing different, i gave him some good jigs and told him that the rubber legs were the ticket. well he said if my jigs are that good i can get a fish to bite that he could see and had been pestering with a black jig for 45 minutes and it wouldn't bite. on ou=r first cast she grabbed it too, gavin fought it but the barbless hook came un-pinned after a few minutes.  all and all a good day.

august 3, 2007
i went to the o.p. today with my dad,i had to go by a jobsite and check on the boys so i threw in a rod and figures i would stop and fish a little,there were 3 guys in 1 hole and that was it. i saw over 80 steelies, they were everywhere but the water was really low and clear and those fish were super spooky, i managed 1 10lb buck in about 1hour. if we had some rain i could really do some damage but i don't see that happening till september and i am too busy { and /or lazy} to get there at daylight for some hatchery steelies so i will waite for rain.

july 23, 2007
i made it out for the first time after surgery and it felt great. too bad the conditions were terrible and it was raining heavy out. well there were 2 guys throwing shrimp while wearing latex gloves and they hadn't heard of any fish in about a month. i politely asked if i could fish behind them, i got a laugh but they said " go for it". well i only made a few casts and whacked a nice 8lb summer fish,that's what they get for laughing.

june 9th,2007
i fished with my buddy wes for at tri-cities for the first time,what a pretty body of water. we pretty much sucked, we weighed 13.16lbs and fisnished 30th place. you could only keep 2 largies that were over 17", well we kept 1 that was on the mark and we threw 1 back that was 1/16" under, come to find out our board was bent {?} and that fish would have stretched so we didn't cull a 1lb smallie,that fish cost us about 2lbs so we would have had a check and finished top 20.damn it!  anyway enough guys did crappy that we still moved up in the angler of the year standings so now we are ranked #20 overall. we still have a shot but we need to really get lucky.

june 2nd, 2007
i took my buddy kelly out bass fishing today,very slow, there were fish on beds a few days prior but they all had moved off and there was fry all over the place. kelly had a few killer hits but didn't stick anything, i had 3 hits, 2 on top water, and landed 2. the biggest was about 5lbs and the othere was a 1lb midget. good company, great weather,cold beer and crab salad croisants. yummy!

may 19th, 2007
fished a n.w bass event today and man it was stupid windy!! we got blown off our spot at about 9:30 am. we had to run the 175horse to hold us in place so wes could try to fish. we ended up weighing 16.34lbs for 16th place, which equaled a small pay check of a few hundred. all and all a fun day as always, topped off by a kidd valley mushroom burger. yumm!!!

may 12, 2007
i am leaving for vegas in the morning and i need to pre fish for a tournament i am in on the 19th at lake washington. we caught 14 smallies, all good size but i managed 1 that was 19.5" long, unfortunately my scale was broke and i couldn't weight it. i think it was close to 5lbs.

april 29th , 2007
went to union and it sucked, i caught 2 smallies and lost 1 and wes landed 3, really crappy. too cold.

april 13th, 2007
went and fished a n.w. bass event at banks. we suck! i lost a 3.5lb largie{ i know it was 3.5 lbs because my buddy in another boat caught him 10 minutes later} and wes lost a 3lb largie at the net. those 2 fish would have put us in the $$$$. we only weighed 9.80 lbs. with 5 fish, 3 largies and 2 smallies. we broke a wave over the boat and lost wes' fish finder in the drink. it rained and was stupid cold. the water was 43 degrees. bbrrrrr. atleast there was big wally's cheese burgers to warm us up.

april 4-5th, 2007
pre fished banks and did shitty. only caught a few bass each day. wes caught a rainbow on a jerk bait that was atleast 8lbs. i caught a 5lb rainbow on a drop shot in 31' of water.the damn trout fishing was better than the bass and we weren't even trying for them.
march 29,2007
  my son missed school today with a bad case of steelhead fever, well we cured that today. he hooked 4 and landed 1. { the  PIMP SHRIMP  does it again} not the best hook to land ratio but for an 8year old it's not too bad.{ 2 he slack lined him and 1 was a bad hookset} the river was a little fast but the color was good, he hooked 3 on jigs and 1 on a spoon, none of them were too big but all nice, strong, acrobatic was about 70 degrees out and beautiful , it really felt like spring, i can almost smell the bass hee hee hee!

march 22, 2007
  i had a friend names herb fly up from california to try to catch his first steelhead, he has fished all over for many different species but had never caught a steelhead or used jigs. the conditions today were marginal at best, i was a little worried, the system we were fishing has some quality fish but not quantity.we got to the river at about 9am, i rigged him up with a 1/4oz pink and white PIMP SHRIMP and was attempting to show him how to read the water{ which he picked up pretty fast} on his first cast the bobber drifted about 3' and it went down,he set the hook and had a nice steelie on{ remember this is his first cast ever for steelhead} after a good battle on some really light gear he brought a nice 36x22" native buck steelhead to my hands.i think he is ruined for life, that's a hell of a fish especially on your first attempt for steelies.after we calmed down from that fish, we proceeded to have a pair od steelies we found that i will guarantee were well over the 20lb mark chase spoons but not commit to grabbing it.there was a big pressure change coming and i think it really had the fish turned off.we saw some and had chasers but nothing else cooperated.all and all it was one of my favorite days on the water, to make a nice guy like herb so happy is really a cool thing.

febuary 14 ,2007
went to one of my favorite little streams and whacked 2 hatchery fish right off the bat. one on a spinner and 1 on one of my old favorites a fushia/white wiley wabbit.nothing to spectacular but nice, my buddy threw a spinner in behind where i caught mine at and almost had the rod jerked out of his hand but missed it. we stopped by a boulder garden where i have caught about a dozen fish in the last few years that were all over 14lbs,well his first cast he got nailed on that wiley wabbit jig,the fish just sulked below him and he couldn't move it. we never got a good look at it but i will guarantee it was huge, really huge. it finally got him sawed off in the rocks.i was more upset about that fish than he was.

january 31, 2007
went to ocean city today and fished for half an hour, i hooked 5 landed 3 surf perch.yummy, they are one of the few fish that i will eat.

january 25, 2007
i went to the chehalis and willipa today and it was terrible. the chehalis had no sign of fisherman and no sign of fish.i should have taken no people tracks as a sign. i hit the willipa and it had tons of guys but no fish, even worse.  so on the way home i stopped by a little hole by the road on the chehalis and banged 1 dark seems i find alot of dark bucks this year.this winter is the least amount i have fished in about 20 years.pretty pitiful.

december 31,2006
wes and myself went to the naselle today and it was terrible,i only caught 1 dark steelie.with all the rain we have had it was good to finally get out.any steelhead is a good steelhead.

december 1,2006
i went to the sw washington coast today,lost 1 nice steelhead{on a "tweeker"} and landed a little winter king {on a spinner,hoochie combo} overall pretty slow,tons of snow and scary roads.

november 17, 2006
shat a huge 3 point with a 19 3/4" spread,very heavy rack!o boy he dressed out over 190#.  maybe the rain will quit and i can go fishing?

october 24, 2006
well i went to hoodsport today,landed 17 chums in 3 hours.very few guys,plenty of room and tons of doggies.i brought home 4 chromies.i had never caught chrome chum like that before.we just need rain and i can catch some steelies o-boy.

october 20,2006
i was suposed to go king fishing with a buddy of mine but work came up,i went back to the devils creek hole,some dudes were in it and getting ready to leave,i walked up behind them,politely ask if i can fish behind them,they were leaving so i threw out and wham,chrome 11lb hen steelie,neener neener,anyway i hooked 4 landed 2 and had a bobber swim upriver about 20' before i noticed and i missed it some how.i was not paying attention again,oops.the river was really low,it was almost unfishable,it will be tomorrow.damn we need rain.

october 17,2006,
well i went to the mouth of devils creek early this morning,i hiked up in the dark.i was trying a new jig i call"the tweeker".damn it was amazing,in less than 20 casts i put 5 nice steelies on the bank,i kept 2 ,a buck about 10lbs, and a hen about what a massacre.the tweeker is my new favorite jig.i probably won't sell it for a while,i want to do some more experimenting with it before i'm satisified.

october 1,2006
well, one of the best fishing days ever.i have always wanted a tiger muskie and we were succesful.the best part is we caught 3,2 of which were on 6lb test with no wire leader.wes thought he saw a bass so he grabbed a 6lb test rod with a grub and flicked it.not a bass!anyway he saw a tiger musky on the next stump and threw at it,wham!the tiger grabbed it and swam through a stump and out into deep water.wes opened his bail,we drove up to the stump and passed his rod under it until i ciuld see the eye and i snagged it with my rod and pulled it through,he reeled up the slack and we went after the fish and boated a nice 41" muskie.later i proceeded to do the same thing also on 6lb test,both fish were line class records easy.we saw 15+fish and lost a few more.over all a hell of a day.they wrote me up in THE OLYMPIAN for the muskies.check it out.

september 28,2006
well it was slow this morning,caught 7 in 3 hours,lost quite a buddy wes came down and he caught 1 mid 20lb hen.yeah to capitol lake

september 27,2006
"5 minute limit" does it again.landed 13 kings today in less than 4 hours.i kept 2 chrome,yes i said chrome, kings today.o-boy bubba fishin'

september 26,2006
went bubba fishin once again,hooked 3 landed 1 nice{relatively speaking} hen about 12lbs.damn we need rain.

september 25, 2006
well i got a new nick name today by some locals at the bubba fishin' spot.they called me "5 minute limit",i thought that was funny since it took me 10 minutes today {not 5} to hook 2 fish and land 1 around 13lbsthere are people that fish all day for 1 take down at the lake and usually i can limit in 5 casts or so.i will say it again,love those kramer eggs.

september 22,2006
went to my favorite s.w. washington stream to try to find some steelies.we had a rain and it should bring in fish.well the river was a trickle,not really fishable so i had to work a few holes with hardware since everything was too shallow for jigs.i hit one steelie about 11lbs below devils creek in a little riffle,that fish went nuts,it made about a dozen out of control cart wheels,it kept head butting boulders,that fish went crazy.gotta love it's just a waiting game until it rains again.

september 20,2006
still bubba fishin' , waiting for more rain to catch some steelies.i met gary couch and dick at the 2.5 hours i landed 10 fish,gary caught 1 and i passed the rod to dick twice.tons of fish,the bite was good,didn't catch anything huge but i did get a nice hen and so did gary.gotta love kramer eggs!

september 19,2006
bubba fishin' again.fished 1 hour caught 1 nice hen about 12lbs.lost 6 or was pretty slow.

september 18,2006
went back bubba fishin' at capitol lake this 2 hours i lost more than i care to say{over 25 bobber downs} i landed a 25lb king,a 40+lb king and a 6lb jack.they were all a little copper colored,there meat was still very pink,i'm gonna smoke them this week for my relatives.anyway the big one was big 39"x33" just a moose.i will be back tomorrow.sulfide eggs kramer eggs are the ticket!

september 17,2006
went fishing saturday night{my dad hooked 7 steelies and landed 5 in a couple hours sat. afternoon plus 20 dollys}it rained pretty good that night.i fished with my wife and son for a few hours till they got cold.i caught 2 steelies a 5lb and 8lb plus a 6lb dolly and an 18lb silver,my wife caught an 8lb dollie,and my son caught 4 dollys over 3lbs.i was literally fighting a steelhead and an elk was 50yards away horning a tree on my gravel bar.there were elk bugling all around us,every little while a rag horn bull would walk by and bugle it was awesome.

september 12 - 15,2006
bubba fishin' again.this week landed 20 kings between 3lbs-35lbs.all on sulfide eggs.guys fishing around me aren't catching much,maybe one or two and i've been lightin' them up.the only thing i think is different is the can't really mess up bubba fishin' but i don't know.some guys{most of them} aren't catchin' shit and i don't know why.the jacks are beautiful but the adults are mostly copper or bronze,i've been throwing them back except for the jacks.

september 10,2006
bubba fishin' again,a ton of hillbillies in my spot today all throwing eggs.{mine are better hee hee}i put on the blue fox and had 3 bites,missed one,lost one and landed a 12lb buck.let him go and went home,too crowded,not to bad for 30 min of fishin'.all 9 of those guys blanked.

september 9,2006
went and did some more bubba fishin'.man i had the hot rod again{blame it on my eggs}tonight.had 3 fish on 3 casts.lost 2 landed 1 that went 24.7lb,kind of dark but a great smoker{it's meat was really red and firm,i couldn't believe it}anyway i had about 20 take downs but had hell keepin'em hooked.

september 8,2006
went back to capitol lake and smoked em'.i went 4 for 6 on kings today.i won't mention how many take downs i had today but it was a shit load.they are biting really soft,i have had my best luck on really hot eggs,honey eggs,and shrimp fox have accounted for a few hook-ups.i'm gonna keep bubba fishin' till we get some rain,then i can get some real fish.

september 7,2006,
went to capitol lake bubba fishin'.had a few take downs,couldn't get a hook in them.when i did i lost 2.

september 4,2006 {labor day}
this morning my uncle convinced me to go trout fishing with must remember "I HATE TROUT".anyway he took my wife,son,and myself to a lake in shelton and we proceeded to catch 22 wild cutthroat in a short amount of time.there were a few guys trolling around us who caught 1 or 2 but we threw out the secret weapon {small "KRAMER EGG"
 clusters} and whooped some ass.they were all 12-18" healthy fish.pretty fun for wife caught 2 at once,one on her hook and 1 with a half hitch on her leader around it's bottom was one of the most amazing hook-ups i have ever seen.

august 28,2006
went back to the lake,couldn't keep any hooked.we had a late start,slept in,got coffee,donuts,and newspaper,took our time.if we would have been there early we could have done good.i'll try again tomorrow.

august 25,2006
went to capitol lake to do some bubba fishin'.hooked 3 landed 1 really nice jack.nobody by me but a few under the i-5 bridge,nobody had any.i love my eggs!

august 20,2006
fished the derby again today.hit a patch of grass in the dark and clogged our jet intake.had to use kicker.{nick jumped in and swam under boat to pull out grass}we had a few bites today,didn't mark many fish at all,really really slow.i hooked one and got it to the boat but it came looked upper teens + but who knows,they look bigger in the water.we got all our action on darts.

august 19,2006
fished the hood canal salmon derby with some friends,gary couch and nick was terribly slow{the indians netted 27000lbs of salmon the day before}i heard there were 300 guys+/- and 17 fish weighed.we had 5 bites,gary missed a couple,nick caught a nice 12.6lb and i caught a the end of the day we were in 6th and 7th place.only 3 boats had more than 1 fish and we were one of them.

august 5,2006
i took my drift boat out for it's final voyage.went to deep lake to blue gill fish with my wife and son.we did pretty good,about 12 big gills and 1 nice bass.tons of little ones

july 28,2006
went for a drive with the boy,stopped by the toutle/cowlitz confluence to see what was happening.heard of a few steelies caught, not much going on.we drove up the toutle,i had a 7' lamiglas with 8lb test i keep in the trunk for emergency's,my son wanted to take a few casts so we pulled over{the river was pretty colored}he took a few casts and his rod got pounded.i thought it was a huge steelie,i was wrong, after a 20 minute fight i saw it,a mid-20lb king,he had a ton of luck and he got it in,snapped a pic. then threw it back.he made me a proud papa,again! 

july 27,2006
went to my favorite s.w washington river,fished below devils creek,i was throwing a "big ugg" 3rd cast WHAM! 12 lb summer run,it wrapped me up twice in brush,it was a miracle that i pulled her out.anyway BONK!we kept fishing,half hour later my boy was throwing a spinner,i was just below him,and i saw a big white mouth close on his offering,yee haw he caught a 10lb hen.really nice fish.we hit one more hole,first cast i had 4 steelies chase it in,one grabbed it right at my feet but i missed it.the boy threw out there and had a nice one grab it,2 head shakes and it was over.

july 13,2006
i went to my favorite lower columbia trib. tons of guys,it sucked.we hiked to 3 holes and found guys in them.i was there at 4:30am and it was crowded,it never used to be like that.anyway finally found a hole with no billy-bob's and we took 3 casts and caught 2 fish.i only saw 1 other fish caught today so we were doing something right.

july 08,2006
i went to one of my favorite sw washington rivers this son,wife and mother-in-law went agate hunting and i had them drop me off at the river and pick me up .25miles down stream in an hour.there was a ton of hillbillies and i wasn't to convinced i would do any good.3rd cast lost a little 5lb steelie.very upset,boo hoo hoo!kept going down stream,very very low water,fished the deepest slot i could find,getting ready to leave and saw a 3"trout leap 3 times in 2' or so of water at the very tail out.on the 4th leap there was a huge steelhead half out of the water right on his ass!it was one of the most amazing things i have ever i retied,ran down and slowly rolled a spinner through was so shallow he was pushing a wake coming after that spinner,and wham!fish on.she went ape all over the hole.32" 12lbs ish.not bad for 45min fishing behind tons of dudes.yee haw!

june 23 2006  {my 29th birthday}
i took my son to deep lake to go blue gillin'.it was very slow,caught around 12 big male blue gills and one 3lb large mouth.we saw tons of huge cruisers but they weren't interrested.i'm going back top water fishing maybe next week.

june 22,2006
i went to one of my favorite columbia tribs.and there was a ton of people,where are all these people coming from?anyway couldn't find any good water that hadn't been already pounded so i went to one of my favorite holes even though 2 dudes were just leaving it.everyone i talked to hadn't caught or seen sh*t all day.about my 10th cast bam!nice little 8lb steelie grabbed it.barely hooked in the tip of the snoot,so i got him up a.s.a.p.,we culdn't find any virgin water so we left.sorry for no action shots i left my camera at home.

june 7,2006
i suck!i caught a big fat skunk.i really didn't fish too hard but there were hillbillies everywhere and i only heard of one little steelie caught. i saw 3 but they had bubbas trying to snag them.{that's real sporting}so i left ,i only gave it 2 hours but hell it's better than being stuck at a jig vise all day.that's the first time i've blanked on steelies in well over a year.can't win 'em all.

MAY 18,2006
I went back out last night to a local lake and trolled for 1 hr.caught 1 20"+ trout,very slow{i hate trout fishing}anyway my boy really wanted some big trout so we got out the crawlers and bobbers and within 1.5hrs had 7 trout 20"or better.o boy trout yee haw

may 17,2006
we went to wards lake last son was throwing a 6" rainbow trout senko with a 5/0 hook and caught a huge rainbow over 20".we trolled for about 100 yards to the next bass spot and my wife caught a bigger trout on a wedding we marched down the shore and i finally picked up a nice bass in the pads about 3lbs.a few casts later i hooked a big bass but it wrapped me up before i could see it.i know it was heavier than the one i landed but i don't know how big.but as a wise man once said "NOTHING MAKES A FISH BIGGER THAN ALMOST BEING CAUGHT!"

may 13,2006
i was on the columbia river in kettle falls today,my boy caught a big smallie about 3.5lbs-ish and we caught a ton of walleye.the locals said they only bite at night and they can be finicky.i fished for an hour or so and hooked over a dozen at noon in 80 degree heat.{real finicky}they ranged from 18-24".i lost a big one that i never saw.they bit on spider grubs swam just off the bottom.i felt like i was in bubba fishin'101. O-BOY!

may 4,2006
went to lake washington today.fishin' sucked i lost a 3+lb smallie at my finger tips.the only thing i landed was a f*cking pigeon.can you believe it a damn bird.he flew by,hit my line then tumbled down it just wrappin' himself up big sucked!he was released unharmed unfortunately.

april 27,2006
i went to lake washington with my buddy wes.we spanked the smallmouth!we landed 12 smallies in a couple hours,they ranged from 2-4lbs. the bite was really light,we caught them on drop shots and carolina rigs{i can't tell you which baits ,i'm sworn to secrecy}the water was 53 degrees in the east's still early but things are really picking up.

april 24,2006
went to longs pond before school on monday,boy caught a quick limit.then i went to offut lake in the boat.i was talking to a guy trout fishing,he said he only caught 1 planter,as he is telling me this i was throwing a drop shot for smallmouth and hooked a frick'n huge trout {over 5 lbs} i didn't have a net so i tried to grab him a few time but he didn't like that very well.after 3 min.that seems like hours he breaks my line.damn damn damn.i lost a nice smallie an hour later and that was it.

april 23,2006
went to long's pond with my son.he lost atleast 10 rainbows and kept 3 in 45min.

april 22,2006
i took my son to longs pond.he caught a limit of rainbows and 1 kokanee in less than 1 hour.

april 7,2006
went to black lake,fished hard,hit all my favorite docks and rock piles and not a smallmouth to be found.blank,skunk,zip,zero,zilch.too cold and a little too early.maybe next week

march 19,2006  ocean city
went to the beach today ,caught 8 nice surf perch{yummy yummy}fishing was slow but it was a uncle was there and slayed them yesterday.the story of my life,should have been here yesterday.

 march 16,2006      A lower columbia tributary
went back to my honey hole and the river was rising and the rain was just pissin' sideways.i had a fish hit a spinner coming at me and knock some slack in my line,i didn't get a hook in it.i threw back out a big ugg and had a take down but missed i decided to leave after 20 min of fishing,the river was rising and getting colored really fast.i stopped by a hole right next to the road that often gets over looked.i had lost a big s.o.b. there tuesday.there is a huge root-wad that holds fish but it's one of those spots where you take a cast and think to yourself "if i hook one here i'm screwed".sure enough i bounced a 1/2oz steelie spoon down the side of the jam and it got pounded.i some how meated it out with 10lb test and my little bass rod.{i should have bought a lotto ticket on my way home}anyway it ended up being about an 18lb hen,chrome bright a real gorilla of a i took her picture and went to catch a cheeseburger on the way home.another great day!

  march 14,2006
went fishing around 9:30 am.first cast i hooked a pig,20min later and a half mile away i landed a 43"x25"native steelhead on a big ugg jig.i retied and took one more cast and caught a 15lb dark buck.i went down river and landed a 10lb chrome hen on a #3 chartreuse blue fox,a few casts later i lost a tank,so i threw out a big ugg and he grabbed it.i got a jump and a head shake and that was it,he was atleast mid to upper teens,i was pretty disappointed but that is what barbless hooks do for you.all said it was a wonderful day,i caught the second biggest steelhead of my life ,had great weather,and got a castle rock cheese burger.i only fished for 3 hours,what a day. 

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