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Thursday, August 09 2007

i was out fishing with my father last friday and damn did we see alot of steelies. we counted over 80 fish in a few holes. the problem is the water is gin clear and the fish had been molested a week earlier and they are super spooky. i take pride in my ability sight fish for summer runs,these things kicked my ass. i landed 1 friday and then went back 2 times, each trip i hooked a couple but they weren't very cooperative. i lost all of them. i even brought nightcrawlers for my son and we drifted them on 6lb test and no lead adn the steelies ran from it. i can't wait for some rain, it will be crazy with fish.actually it is already crazy with fish but the rain should bring a few biters.

on another note, they jacked up my worm order and i won't get it until this monday. i should have worms up for sale by mid-week. i have a line of hand pours that are awesome. they are spendy but well worth it. i will offer a line of more affordable worms to go along with these hand pours . i can't waite. the hand pours will come in shrimp and crawfish scent. crawfish is one of my secret weapons for steelies and salmon, i add a ton of crawfish oil to my egg cures.  they accounted for a client getting a 54lb king on the satsop, we outfished everyone at cook creek about7-1 on my eggs. try crawfish it really works.


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