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Sunday, February 24 2008

i sure haven't been out catchin' anything{ 1 trip last month and 1, 12lb nate hen} but i have had buddies that have been hitting the skookumchuck and the reports are all over the board. the only consistant is that the fish are huge this year.  i have buddys that fish it 4 days a week and maybe get 1 fish and i have othere buddys that fish it 1 day a week and stroke'm. last week a friend of mine fished sunday and catch 7 steelies in 3 hours with his wife.{they were all alone with no other anglers} his wife caught her first steelie and it was 22lbs. that is a frickin' monster for the "skunk-m-chuck". i personally hate that river but i am fascinated with the crowd and the "herd mentality" of the some of the guys that fish it.  a ton of guys stand at the deadline and cast all day and hope a fish comes to them. nobody thinks outside the box.on any given day i bet nobody is throwing a piece of squid up there,well they should be, everyone is throwing a nightmare jig or a sandshrimp or eggs. my buddy covers water and makes a fish happen,not waits for a fish to happen.

i hope alot of you guys are doing well this year, all the rivers i like to fish either got nailed by the floods or are having poor returns. i have only been on the water 1 time since december 12th.  i have been really busy, good news is that the guys are really cleaning up on th"pimp plastics" this season. i hope to make it out in march "pig hunting" but we will see, this is my busy time of year.

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