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Tuesday, June 03 2008

sorry guys, long time  no post. i have been super busy, too bad i haven't been fishing much. the little i have done has been a couple of smallmouth trips and they were marginal, i caught a few in the upper 3 to low 4lb range and that's it.

i just got hooked on bear hunting, i love it. i whacked a nice bear{ my first}on may 4th and i hit and lost one on may 30th. i am very upset about the lost animal. i hit it behind thhe shoulder in te sweet spot and it thrashed arounsd then somehow ran off. it left a ton of blood for about 20 yards then nothing. i have the whole shot on video and after watching it on a big tv confirm it was a great hit and 4 of us still couldnt find it after 2 days of looking. my partner shot a frickin monster on june 1st. it was over 300 lbs and just plain massive. its paws were the size of my buddies head.

as for tackle, i am working on a few neat new ideas, including a new head design and a few new styles of worms. i will try to  post alot more often .


don't forget my specials, i still have a few "immitation " kramer jigs available. look at my last blog post for details.

i am looking for an artist to draw a logo for me , i will give them a bunch of plastics and samples of anything that has the logo on it. i plan on a line of fishing wear  that will come out this next year. if anyone who is artistic gets a ahold of me and i use what they draw i will hook them up. i know what i want and can email it to you. hell, i may have a contest next month ,we will see.


thank you everyone for all the business, i don't mind  the lack of sleep, keep sending those cool fishing stories and pictures, i love them.

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