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Friday, December 12 2008

damn it has been a while since i have posted anything.

i have only made 2 trips out fishing in the last 2 months. i did do alot of deer hunting this year. my son shot his first 2 deer this year. he shot a huge bodied 4 point  whitetail { out of state}and a spike blacktail . my wife also shot her first deer, a nice 3x4 whitetail. i on the other hand passed up 4 nice whitetail bucks , all were 4 points. i did shoot a crazy blacktail that had 4 horns. it had a massive 4 point on one side and a spike,2 point and another spike on the other side. it also had a toe head spike growing out of the middle of its head like a unicorn. he had  teeth that were worn down to the gums and he has almost no fat. he ended up dressing out at 178lbs. over all this was my best blacktail year ever. i had 6 close encounters with trophy class bucks. i hit one and lost it. i put my buddy on one and he missed it. i saw more trophy bucks than i saw does all season. what a year!!!!


 now it is time for fishing. maybe. i am really behind on jigs right now. i had a nice write up in the olympian newspaper from chester.  i will quote him

"jig anglers are probably the most creative steelhead anglers around these days, and each generation of jig is more effective. jig tiers are alot like fly tiers. in fact, there isn't much difference between casting a  fly and strike indicator and casting a jig and a bobber.
olympia angler STEVE KRAMER is one of the best jig tiers and steelhead anglers aroound.  KRAMERS jigs, which often sport wiggly rubber legs, flat out work!  confession: i 've fished kramers jigs with my 10 weight fly rod on the kalama river and hooked fish. anyway i love the pimp shrimp,tweeker, and glitter bug jigs. and they're only$2.99 each.  jig fishing-like fly fishing - is a finesse way to hook a steelhead in low water. but steelhead also whack these jigs in high water.  a few of those jigs along with a couple of the special jig fishing bobbers is a great gift.
call steve at 360-349-3466 or visit his website at "

pretty cool huh!

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