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Tuesday, August 26 2008


anyway now that we got a good giggle.

fishing has been marginal, i have only been out a few times. my son and i caught 8 kings last week in about 2.5hours of  accumulated fishing time. spinners accounted for 6 and  some "secret recipe" salmon eggs did the other 2. i know of some good fish on the o.p. coming on small pink leggy jigs. pip shrimp and tweekers are the best until we get alot more rain and the kings show, then i would switch to a scrambled egg or a big ugg.


don't forget to listen to my radio reports  , visit . i believ they are still on at 7:30pm thurs-friday and 8:30 am saturday.

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Saturday, August 02 2008

summer is winding down,salmon are showing in the salt and the snaggers have arrived on the skoke. what a quick summer, i only spent about 3 hours steelhead fishing all summer,{ hooked 3 landed 1} hopefully with the next good rain i will get out.

i started doing weekly fishing reports on kmas radio, it is a real blast, a little nerve racking , but fun. i am not much of a public speaker. anyway i want to thank all of my loyal customers for another great year so far . i am taking a few days off next week so anyone wanting orders need to get them in by  the 4th of august if they want them before i leave, if not i will start tying again around the 15th-ish.

as for recent fishing reports, i know of some nice kings coming off of johnsons point, and off point defiance. i also know a bunch of kings just arrived in hood canal,{ just in time for the derby on the 16th and 17th.} ayock has been goos and so has right infront of glen ayre and infront of the union marina. the rivers have been lame except for the cowlitz{ i won't fish that mess} it is full of steelies. a good buddy of mine boated over 120 steelies in something like 15 or 20 trips. the kalama has some fish but it is really low and clear.  i will make another report as soon as i get out. i plan on chasing some bass tomorrow with my son but maybe a river in a few weeks.


oh yeah for those of you that haven't heard yet "fishing and hunting news" is going out of business. i personally was NOT  a fan of them but i feel terrible that they are closing, i hate to see any business shut down. i feel for all of those people loosing there jobs, it sucks.


we should have some clothing comming out in the next few weeks, i will let you know.

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